NZ PG Open 2021

Greetings and Salutations Pilots,

The 2021 PG Open is being held in the Tasman region from 20 February to 27 February.

The Headquarters will be based at the Mapua Leisure Park. (

Mapua is a seaside village about 20 minutes from Nelson.

Registration via AirTribune will open on Saturday 1st August at 10:00.

The AirTribune site has been published and is available for viewing but bear in mind that it is a work in progress but will be ready for registrations by that date.

At this stage the comp is limited to 80 pilots but if there is overwhelming demand consideration will be given in consultation with the PCC, to increase that number to 100.

There will be 40 places allocated to the top ranking WPRS and NZPRS pilots.

We are obliged under FIA rules to offer 20 places for international pilots up until two months before the start of the competition.

However with the current situation with COVID-19 we doubt there will be much interest from pilots from overseas apart from the ones already here in New Zealand and we look forward to their participation.

Other than that it is a first in first served basis with the two organisers making the final decision (and no we are not open to bribes).

The Leisure Park covers an extensive area with many secluded spaces. Let Google be your friend.

There is, at this stage, plentiful and varied accommodation at the Leisure Park ( but it would pay to get in early.

There are nearby alternative basic camping grounds but not bookable. We would encourage you to be at the Park.

And yes the rumours are true in that from February to March the Mapua Leisure Park is a clothing optional location.

But don’t let that faze you as there are very limited areas where that is permitted.

Happy daze and fly high.

Peter Allison and Lyn Watkins (your on-location organisers)

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