Announcement of new CEO for NZHGPA

Hello all,

With Evan Lamberton retiring as our CEO this year at the AGM, your Exec team has been busy considering how to refill the role. We have taken time to think about where the NZHGPA is at, where we want to go as an organisation and possible demands required for the position in the future. 

We are very pleased to announce that Nick Taber has been selected. Nick will need no introduction to most of you. His service over many years to the NZHGPA and local clubs, in his effective advocacy with air space has been nothing short of amazing. He is also a skilled XC paraglider pilot.

We are now in the slightly strange position of being sad that Evan is going, as he has led our organisation really effectively over many years of skilled and faithful service, but we are also really looking forward to having Nick start and begin his contribution. We feel like we have been incredibly fortunate to secure his services to help lead us into the future.

We had a bit of fun in letting Nick know he had been selected. I rung Nick up (we both live in Nelson) and asked if he would like a coffee so we arranged to meet in town. What Nick didn’t know is that Evan was in Nelson so he was there also – so when they met and shook hands I said to Nick I need to get a photo of his shaking hands with Evan – he looked at me like I was a bit strange and I said to him I needed to get a photo of the new and the old CEO shaking hands – and the penny dropped! 

Your Exec team is busy preparing for the AGM and are looking forward to Nick starting but we all have an eye skyward, as the days get longer and the prospect of thermals again becomes a reality.

Happy days and safe flying,


NZHGPA President

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