Access to Canvastown, Inwoods Lookout and Sherry River sites

Hi all,

This week I’ve been in communication with Mark Forward, a manager at OneFortyOne NZ (formerly Nelson Forests Ltd), and here is some news regarding the Inwoods Lookout, Canvastown and Sherry River flying sites. 

1. For those members who are interested in flying from the launch sites that are on land owned and/or managed by OneFortyOne NZ, please take a look at the attached “Special Conditions Hang Gliding and Paragliding Access” document if you have not seen or read it before. 

2. Overall the Marlborough region is already dry and the Nelson region is now drying out too. Please refer to ‘fire weather’ web site:

3. Specific site news
3.1. Canvastown.  The fire danger for the Canvastown area is now at the yellow/High level which means we do not have permission to access the Canvastown launch site at the current time. 

3.2. Inwoods Lookout road access.Do not use the short link road from the Reays Saddle car-pooling car park to Wai-iti Road (the road that goes up to the Inwoods launch) if your vehicle is not one of the listed vehicles of the “special conditions” document.  This is because of hidden security cameras monitoring that road, and if the security firm doesn’t know your car registration and your car is caught on camera, you quite likely will end up being served a trespass warning notice (followed by a trespass notice the second time it happens). 

3.3. Inwoods Lookout fire danger.  The fire danger for the Inwoods Lookout area is now at the blue/Moderate level – Mark has stated that if there isn’t any rain in the next ten days then the fire danger for the Inwoods area will climb to yellow/High which would close the site for us. 

3.4. Sherry River.  Our access to Sherry River has been revoked until further notice because of current logging operations. 



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