Illegal Radio Brands

Dear member pilots,

Recently Radio Spectrum Management NZ (RSM) informed Southern Club that an official complaint had been filed by the Queenstown Tower regards to radio chatter interference from what sounded like paragliders on Coronet Peak. As a result of their investigation the RSM has found out, or heard that, members of the flying community are using Baofeng Radios. It turns out that, not only can they be tuned to other sensitive frequencies, but that, when a particular frequency is set into the Baofengs, and the PTT activated, it ‘blurts’ out a signal with all sorts of lobes and harmonics that interferes with all kinds of other frequencies.

Radio Spectrum Management NZ (RSM), have prohibited the use of Baofengs by non-radio amateur operators as these radios do not meet the standards. A couple of years ago, a man was fined $2,250 for the possession of these radios without having the proper qualification.

Here is also the publication by the Radio Spectrum Management.


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