Illegal Radio Brands

Dear member pilots, Recently Radio Spectrum Management NZ (RSM) informed Southern Club that an official complaint had been filed by the Queenstown Tower regards to radio chatter interference from what sounded like paragliders on Coronet Peak. As a result of their investigation the RSM has found out, or heard that, members of the flying community are using BaofengContinue reading “Illegal Radio Brands”

Access to Canvastown, Inwoods Lookout and Sherry River sites

Hi all, This week I’ve been in communication with Mark Forward, a manager at OneFortyOne NZ (formerly Nelson Forests Ltd), and here is some news regarding the Inwoods Lookout, Canvastown and Sherry River flying sites.  1. For those members who are interested in flying from the launch sites that are on land owned and/or managed by OneFortyOne NZ, pleaseContinue reading “Access to Canvastown, Inwoods Lookout and Sherry River sites”

Airspace seminar

Dave Marriott is holding an Airspace meeting / tutorial. He will cover interpretation of ANC publications. At the Nelson Tasman hospice 331 Suffolk Road Stoke which is just down the road from Octopus Park. In the Cecily Saunders Education room! Tuesday evening November 10 at 7 p.m. for a couple of hours.

CEO Update: New Training Manager

The NZHGPA is delighted to announce the new training manager from the 19th October 2020, will be southern based Queenstown pilot Blake Round.  Blake brings experience from sitting on the NZHGPA Executive board, and holds a PG3, Paraglider Instructor, PHEC First Aid, Tow Instructor, Commercial Tandem and WOF authority experience. Blake can be found in the skyContinue reading “CEO Update: New Training Manager”

AGM 2020 – Important Dates Update

*** We are watching the Covid-19 situation very carefully, and at this stage the AGM is still going ahead. We will revisit this as things progress. *** Dear NZHGPA members, Here is the information about our AGM in September. Date:  26th September 2020 Venue:  Castaways Resort – Karioitahi Beach, Auckland For those of you wanting toContinue reading “AGM 2020 – Important Dates Update”

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