Mt. Murchison

Location: 16km northeast of Murchison township.

Elevation: 4800 feet (1460 metres)

GPS co-ordinates for launch: 41°43’46.93″S, 172°29’57.76″E

GPS co-ordinates for landing: 41°41’59.63″S, 172°27’49.14″E

Airspace: Class G – uncontrolled airspace.


  • Paragliding: PG2
  • Hang gliding: ?

Launchable wind directions: Launch is possible in all wind directions. The launch and set up area is a large tussock area sloping in all directions. However, this site is not normally flown in a southeast wind.

Access Requirements: Access is very sensitive to this site as we cross through a farm onto a 4WD communications track then onto Department of Conservation land. No hike and fly or privately organised access – Tasman Club organised groups only. The Tasman HG & PG Club will organise access and arrange vehicles to go up and down together. The road is steep and a 4WD is needed with a driver who has the ability and knowledge to descend long steep grades safety. Vehicles fitted with a low range box are preferred.


  • Beware of the large communication tower on top.
  • Do not get too low to the northeast of launch as landings are limited.
  • Dust Devils are not uncommon on launch.

General Flying Guide: This site is generally used as a starting point for XC but can be used for local flights. It has good opportunities for first XC’s as some routes have good landing options along them.

Special Instructions: Generally, when the Club intends to fly this site information will be communicated on the WhatsApp group regarding time and places to meet. Local XC pilots can provide briefings on weather and routes that apply for the day. Visiting pilots wishing to fly this site should join the WhatsApp group.

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